Open Wervendag

An open & dynamic approach for Open Wervendag 2022.


Embuild, the construction federation that has already been successfully organising Open Wervendag all over Belgium for several years, wanted to join forces with KWIN to provide an answer to the growing need to bring the construction sector on the radar of young people.

We came up with a refreshing approach for Open Wervendag 2022. Not only did we create a whole new brand identity, we also took a new promotion approach. Without completely abandoning traditional media channels, the focus was shifted towards more online & social media communication - each time adapted to the different target groups and online communication channels.

We created the first hybrid version of Open Wervendag which, with the help of our good friends SuperContent, DylhanFat, Esther Nwanu and Romain Kuntz, digitally brought thousands of young people to the website and social channels of Embuild. Complemented by more than 50.000 visitors on construction sites the day itself, ‘Open Wervendag’ was an overwhelming success.