The energy crisis keeps Brusselers awake at night and Brugel is here to help.

Performance marketing
Strategy & campaign
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Brugel, Brussels Energy Regulator

Brugel, the Brussels Energy Regulator, is a trustworthy source of information when it comes to energy in Brussels. To position Brugel during the winter months as the go-to source for information, we came up with a bilingual awareness and drive-to-web campaign focused around the main energy themes that keep people awake at night.

By showing people searching for answers on their mobile phones in high quality videos,  we created a recognisable situation for many of us: energy issues give stress and uncertainty. Brugel then appeared as the answer for their questions.

As we mixed the general message targeting all Brusselers with specifically targeted thematic messages, the campaign had a massive impact. All videos had an exceptional retention rate and an above average click through rate.  Tens of thousands Brusselers visited the Brugel website, coming from various promotion sources: bannering, social media ads and stories & YouTube videos.