First time voting

Strategy & campaign
Content production
WAT WAT by De Ambrassade

When to vote? Who to vote for? Where can I get credible information about the upcoming elections? These were just a couple of questions that youngsters in Belgium had while preparing for their first time voting.

Together with 'WAT WAT by De Ambrassade' we went looking for the answers and created two video series on TikTok, Instagram Reels and Snapchat.

In the informational video series 'Kieskot' our host Jeroen spoke to a range of experts, such as political scientist Hendrik Vos, VRT journalist Bram Vandeputte and numerous others to unravel the secrets behind the political system, elections, political marketing, ... While in the series 'First Time Voter' we literally asked a bunch of first voters (aged 18-23) about their expectations in a fun greenkey environment.

Additionally we designed and produced a magazine called Verkiezine (+10.000 copies) and came up with conversation starters so schools or youth organisations had a couple of tools to talk about the upcoming elections and politics in general and make sure that even the most vulnerable first voters were prepared to make their vote count.