Explore the students' best places to eat, chill, party and study and come study in Brussels yourself!

Brik - Student in Brussel

Who wouldn't like to get authentic recommendations from locals? This was the starting point for #BRUSSELHACKS22.

In an allround campaign we shared the favorite unexpected places of Brussels' students and invited the future generation of students to try them out. During BRUSSELHACKS SUMMER future students traveled from all over Flandres to discover these hotspots and enjoy 'student deals' at selected places as a hairdresser, a vintage store, an Italian restaurant and more. One lucky bird won a 'kot' for one year. We believe that we lowered the bar to study in Brussels by having these youth experience the true hidden gems of our capital.

In the next phase of the campaign we gave answers to the questions that might rise about studying in Brussels with the video concept BRUSSELHACKS QUESTIONS. In this series of 12 videos we asked inspiring students simple questions on student life in Brussels to inspire the future generation.